30 May 2011

Abbey church


Adullamite said...

They do like those rounded cupolas (?) on their churches. We would have something square. Interesting conglomeration built over the years, and with blue sky! Great!

A. said...

You mean the little chapels all around? I don't know what they're called. I have some photos from the inside but it was fairly dark and no flash allowed, so I struggled to get anything worth posting.

Relax Max said...

I am afraid to call that a steeple. Once bit, twice shy. I think it is, though. Ok, I will concentrate on the true object of the picture. I think that is the place Edgar Allan Poe's Black Cat was bricked up with the body, right? I am sorry if you have to go reread The Black Cat before you answer.

P.S. - A note for Adullamite: they are called : "Little Chapels All Around." However, I think these particular ones are no beds and breakfasts quarters.

A. @ Photos from France said...

Tower? The spire is at the other end of that church. Did you play that game as a child?
Here's the church
Here's the steeple
Open the gates
Here's the people.
Here's the minister going up the stairs
Here he's in the pulpit saying his prayers.

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